Wow! This Breathtaking Log Cabin Looks Awesome Both Inside and Out

Another important building tip is to choose a log cabin roof design with a long overhang. This will allow rain and melting snow to run off the roof without damaging your outer walls. It will also shade your walls from the midday sun. You’ll want to have covered porches or decks on your home, for the most part, to keep the floors as rain-free as possible, and – again – to shade them from too much sun. Finally, when protecting your log cabin home from too much moisture, you’ll want to build it with the first course of logs two feet or more above ground level. This keeps your logs well above the moisture level of the soil, protecting them from rain and snow and potential flooding. The drier you can keep your logs over the years, the longer they will last.

These are just a few quick log cabin building hints to set you on your way. Should you decide to hire a log home company to build your cabin for you, then you’ll want to research them thoroughly as well. Remember the least expensive deal is not always the best choice. Be sure to ask around for recommendations – ask your friends and colleagues who they hired to build their log cabin home. Always choose a company with an impeccable reputation and track record – that way, you won’t have any regrets when all is said in done.