Barns Have Never Looked This Good

A barn is typically a structure that is located on farms and used for many agricultural purposes, usually for the housing of livestock and storage of crops. Log home barns also be used for equipment storage, for activities such as threshing and as a covered workplace. The word barn may be used to describe buildings that are used for things such as a tobacco barn or dairy barn. Byre is a word for one particular type of barn that is meant for keeping cattle. In the United States, you will find older barns that were built from timbers that were hewn from the trees on the farm and built as log crib barns or timber frames. In the mid to late 19th-century, the barn framing methods in the U.S. began to shift away from traditional timber framing builds to truss framed or plank framed buildings.

This Story was Inspired By: Keystone Barns